Accounting software for your small business

Run your business accounting online with Xero. Easy to use accounting software, designed for your small business.

A chart of income and expenses displays in Xero’s online accounting software on a tablet.

Everything in one place

See all your invoices, contacts, balances, financial information and accounts online.

Connect to your bank

Easily sync your bank with your financials in Xero online accounting.

Collaborate online in real time

Invite your advisor to work with you on the online accounts anywhere, anytime.

Customize to suit your needs

Make Xero your own by connecting other apps to the Xero accounting software.

Everything in one place

Xero is a powerful online accounting software solution for small businesses. Run things smoothly, keep tidy online bookkeeping records, and make compliance a breeze.

  • Included
    Automate tasks like invoicing and reporting
  • Included
    Get a full picture of your business with up-to-date financial data
  • Included
    Make end-of-year tax returns easy
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A small business owner does their bookkeeping online on a laptop.

Connect to your bank

Set up bank feeds from your accounts so transactions are imported securely into the Xero accounting software each business day.

  • Included
    Bank transactions automatically flow into Xero
  • Included
    Reconcile your bank transactions daily
  • Included
    See an up-to-date picture of your cash flow
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Collaborate online in real time

Use Xero to work with your employees, bookkeeper, or accountant online, even if you’re on opposite sides of the world.

  • Included
    Access the same up-to-date financial information at the same time
  • Included
    Leave comments and discuss business and financial data in real time
  • Included
    Allow employees to submit expenses, manage leave, and send invoices
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A business owner on a laptop and their accountant on a phone view the same financial data.

Customize to suit your needs

Make Xero online accounting software work for you. Add what you need to make it easier to run your small business.

  • Included
    Build on your plan with add-ons like Xero Expenses and Xero Projects
  • Included
    Connect to third party apps like Stripe and Vend
  • Included
    Browse the Xero App Store to easily find, try, and buy apps that connect with Xero
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The Xero Accounting mobile app works in tandem with the Xero accounting software so you can run your small business online from anywhere. Keep track of your unpaid and overdue invoices, bank account balances, profit and loss, cash flow and bills to pay – plus reconcile bank accounts and convert quotes to invoices. Free with every subscription. Compatible with iOS and Android.

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Check out the Xero App Store to find, try and buy business apps that connect to Xero online accounting software and make running your small business even easier. Apps like Stripe, GoCardless, Vend, and Shopify connect seamlessly and sync data with Xero.

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With your accounting software and data stored online in the cloud, you can access your up-to-date accounts anywhere there’s an internet connection. You can receive automated bank feeds into your accounting software and connect to other business apps for greater efficiency You can also give other people, including your accountant or bookkeeper, access to view, share and collaborate on the figures. Your Xero data is backed up regularly and protected with multiple layers of security.

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Get access to all of Xero including add-ons like Xero Projects and Xero Expenses. Use the demo company to try things out, or enter your own business details and data to try it out for real. Anything you enter will be retained when you transfer from a free trial to a subscription. No credit card is required when you start a free trial.

Start a 30-day free trial

Xero offers pricing plans to suit businesses of different sizes and stages. In addition, Xero accounting and bookkeeping partners can offer bare-bones plans for businesses that need only the basics. There are no setup fees or hidden costs. We’re upfront about pricing, and provide full details of our pricing plans and optional extras. In regions where a feature is listed as an add-on (for example, Xero Payroll, Xero Projects, Xero Expenses and Analytics Plus), pricing is based on the number of users who use the add-on each month. For Payroll with Gusto (US), pricing is based on the number of users who are paid each month.

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Xero subscriptions are billed monthly in advance. Each month, Xero emails a link to your invoice, You can pay it using Visa or Mastercard debit or credit cards, or by direct debit. The payment date depends on when you signed up to a pricing plan. You can upgrade your plan anytime or downgrade your plan once you’ve been on it for 30 days, or cancel your Xero online accounting subscription at any time with one month’s notice.

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You can import data from other accounting software in bulk via CSV files once you’ve done some initial set up in Xero. That includes the chart of accounts, invoices, bills, contacts and fixed assets. We recommend working with an accountant or bookkeeper, preferably one with Xero experience, when you make the move to Xero online accounting software.

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Useful features to run your business

Xero’s online accounting software is designed to make life easier for small businesses – anywhere, any time.

Start using Xero for free

Access all Xero features for 30 days, then decide which plan best suits your business.

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    Safe and secure
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    Cancel any time
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    24/7 online support
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