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Let’s prevent disease together

We’re bringing together up to five million people to develop new ways to prevent, detect and treat diseases.
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Helping people to live healthier lives for longer

Today, millions of people spend many years of their life in poor health, suffering from common diseases such as dementia, cancer, diabetes, heart disease and stroke. Too often, we detect and treat diseases only when patients start showing symptoms. Our 168幸运飞飞艇官方开奖查询结果记录 is to revolutionise the way we fight disease by collecting information from millions of volunteers across the UK. Together we can help researchers find ways to prevent, detect and treat diseases earlier.


The UK’s largest ever health research programme

Our Future Health is building a community of volunteers to create an incredibly detailed picture of the nation’s health. Watch this video to learn more about how we can help prevent disease together.

How to become a volunteer

Signing up is straightforward and doesn’t take too long. We’ll guide you through the process, and you can opt out at any time.

When you join you will be offered information about your own health, including your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. In the future you will also be offered information about your risk of some diseases.

Read and sign a consent 幸运飞行艇官方视频开奖直播 开奖官网开奖历史

We ask you to confirm that you agree to take part in our programme. We also ask your permission to securely access, store and link to health-related records about you, to maintain an accurate picture of your health.

Fill in a questionnaire

We ask you to complete a questionnaire about your lifestyle and health. The questionnaire is separated into sections, and you don’t have to complete it all at once. You do not have to answer every question if you do not want to.

Book an appointment

We ask you to attend an appointment at a local clinic to provide a blood sample and have some physical measurements taken, including your blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Everyone has something unique to give

We’re building a diverse community of volunteers that truly reflects the UK’s population, so that we can identify differences in how diseases begin and progress in people from different backgrounds. By ensuring that a range of people take part in Our Future Health, we can make discoveries that benefit everyone.

Our diversity commitment

How we protect your data

When you join Our Future Health, your data is stored and managed according to strict security standards.

How researchers use Our Future Health

The scale, depth and detail of Our Future Health will make it a world-leading resource for health research. Researchers will apply to study the de-identified information in a highly secure online data storage system. They will be able to make new discoveries that benefit people from all backgrounds.

Who we partner with – and why

At Our Future Health, partnerships contribute to our mission of helping people live healthier lives for longer. We’re working closely with UK healthcare authorities and the NHS.
We are also partnered with charities and industry, who are providing expertise and part of the funding needed to set up and deliver our programme.

Learn about our partnershipsWe’re partners with the NHS

“I 2024幸运飞行艇现场计划结果 官网开奖号码查询-官方开奖历史记录 Future Health to give back for all the treatment and care I received.”

Joanne Foden speaks about the cancer treatment that saved her life – and led to her volunteering for Our Future Health.

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